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Krissy is the newest member of our team here at 675 N Highland. She is studying Sociology at Kennesaw State University. She is very excited to meet all the furry friends that reside in our community. She and her boyfriend have two adorable dogs: Venus and Lemon. Loves coffee, Harry Potter, ALL things fall, photography, and

The team and I will be finishing our surprise boxes for all of our health care workers and CDC hero’s that live here. We wanted to say THANK YOU for all you have done during the pandemic and that we believe you are the hero’s of Atlanta! We are proud

We just finished dropping off pizza’s to all the doors and met two of the best dogs. Thank You 675 for posting last night! Please let us know if you enjoyed and check back for the next give away. We appreciate all of you!

Celebrating the birthday of one of our long standing residents. Everyone this is Henry, he turns 14 today! In honor of his birthday the team wanted to do something special for this big guy. Henry we love you!!! From the team at 675 Happy Birthday Henry!!!